Ambulatory Pediatric Surgery

Surgery doesn’t have to be a trauamtic experience.

Pediatric surgery from experienced hands. The highest protocoll based therapy delivered with care and compassion.

Surgical or ambulantory care?

Ambulatory care is rapdily developing into the prefered type of care for children. It offers innumerable advantages without increasing the risk of the procedure when performed in experienced hands.

Concerned about ambualtory care?

  • Is it safer to perform surgery as an inpatient?

  • Is it dangerous to have general anesthesia for a child?

  • What can I do if my Child has pain after surgery and I am already at home?

A 5 step approach to surgery

Not knowing can stress parents which translates into childrens stress.

We will informed you on every detail and step of the procedure until you know what is going to happen and what to expect.